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One Decade · One Masterpiece! 

Flying high while keeping the cost low---JSTOL


Introduction of the company

With a decade of continuous improvement, JSTOL keeps pushing the boundary of paramotor equipments’ cost performance ratio.

JSTOL, based in Beijing, China, developed its first UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) engine in 2006, and since then has been making remarkable innovations and technology breakthroughs in the field of ultralight aircraft engine. The year of 2017 will be an important milestone for JSTOL, as it  is expanding from professional applications into mass applications, with the vision to bring professional quality products to the mass market at a lower cost.

Focusing on the customized research, design and production of ultralight aircraft engines, JSTOL has been making steady and rapid development in the general aviation products sector, including UAV products, paramotors, various light aircraft engines, etc. At the same time, based on its advanced technology in ultralight engine, JSTOL has also made great progress in other applications, such as ultralight portable pumps, power surfboards, agricultural light pumps, etc. With strong competitive advantage in technology (owning several independent intellectual property rights in R&D and applications), JSTOL is a high-growth high-tech company in general aviation.

In the meantime, JSTOL also reduces the cost of aircraft engine mass application to the lowest historical level through integrating the value chain across production and sales & marketing. JSTOL reduces the marketing and product support cost through social media marketing and big data analysis, and is dedicated to produce the most reliable products with perfect customer experience in technical support, purchasing process, services and product usage.

With the big momentum of China’s “One Belt, One Road” economic development plan, JSTOL will expand its oversea market in 2017, gradually entering the general aircraft engine business and mass application market of North America, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Northern Europe, and Australia. JSTOL will start the globalization era of its products with the most competitive and cost-effective JSTOL-75 Paramotor.


J-75 paramotor suite’s curb weight: 18.5 kg:

The whole machine is exquisite and small in size. All the equipment parts after disassembly can be put in a simple air pull rod box. The weight is only 18.5 kg. It is highly cost effective, endowed with quick after-sales service, timely and rapid spare parts supply.

The ergonomic features:

There is thickening sponge filling behind the seat bag, which ensures the passengers to sit comfortably after taking off. The low hanging point configuration adequately address the “arm holding high” condition of the traditional high hanging point while controlling the handle, which makes the flying experience more comfortable. With the left and right side of rocker arm, the crescent man-machine engineering design is more suitable to the human skeleton and forms an integral whole with the aviator.


The technical features:

J-75 products use advanced CNC process framework to create finely crafted beauty, which is to be reckoned as a great leap. The perfection of the resulting visual effect can easily conquer the most critical eye from any constellation. (Even the Virgo will admire this masterpiece a lot.) JSTOL not only satisfies the recreational flight, but also at the same time, is more suitable for gliding assistance and extreme cross-country flight.

The mechanical properties:

The two main hanging belts of the J-75 product are respectively connected with the left and right rocker arm by hooks, which make all the weight scatter into two rocker arms. For example, the maximum load weight while taking-off is up to 100 kg (excluding umbrella head). Each rocker arm shares only 50 kg, with the front part bearing about 35 kg, the back part about 15 kg. The rocker's cross section area is greater than the main hook, which ensures the user to use enjoyably and safely.  

 The controllability:

There is another innovation in the design of the J-75. Besides through traditional handle to control direction, the low hanging point frame is more available to change the two rocker arms relative angles by making use of the unilateral leg stress to change the center of gravity. This can assist to swerve and achieve more advanced and refined control movement experience. Even if one takes pictures casually, the machine can be fully controlled and realized the flexible and precise rotation. 

The experience feeling:

J-75 is the paramotor suite product of fully independent intellectual property rights. It is no doubt the most cost effective set of machine, specially designed for light body weight pilots by JSTOL. On the world’s flying stage, JSTOL-75 will be a revolutionary product, making its users to achieve the ultimate enjoyment and spiritual experience.

The Equipment Characteristics:

The engine introduction of JSTOL - 75 cc, 9.8kg

The technical features of J-75 engine:


The brand new J-75 applies rocker arm clutch, helical gear reducer, double reed energy-storage starter, surrounding resonance supercharging exhaust. The finger pump newly developed is small, beautiful and more convenient, which brings a new flying experience to the aviator.

The material description of J-75 engine:

There are long-life ceramic cylinder of Italian origin, high silicon alloy piston, environmental protection lining, magnesium alloy housing, powder metallurgy clutch, forging crankshaft and clutch cup and composite material inlet valve.


The casing craft of J-75 engine:

It applies high pressure casting box, metal powder sintering clutch, CNC precision machining and hot charging assembly machine.

J-75’s best combination of high performance:

With 1150 propeller, the maximum thrust can be 48 kg and with 1250 propeller, the maximum thrust is 52 kg. It is suggested to be applied for pilots below 75 kg, and the maximum weight should be 90 kg.


JSTOL - CNC high-performance aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame:

The material:

The main frame applies the 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. The strut and the outer ring use the cold-drawn seamless and stainless steel tube. The protecting mesh adopts the hand-made woven nylon material with ageing resistance. It is equipped with anti-static white translucent tank, PU high elastic mobile wheel and stainless steel round head screw locking.

The framework craft of JSTOL-75:

The main frame adopts CNC machining, shot blasting color anodized surface treatment. The mirror is stainless steel polishing, with argon arc welding process.

 The mechanical properties of J-75 engine:

The new generation of J-75 all adopts the low hanging point rocker configuration, making the convenient manipulation, comfortable sitting and adjustable multipoint focus possible.

 The convenient disassembly and assembly of J-75 engine:

The new generation of J-75 framework firstly designs the quick release without tools. Its characteristics are simple structure, light weight and small volume and higher security.

100% of all carbon fiber propellers:

 The propeller materials: real carbon fiber material, with the filling of high hardness foam.

The propeller craft: metal mould with heating solidification and mirror polishing. The leading edge and blade tip have largely solid filling. 

The propeller design features: It is of the “fork” ultra-thin design, which can be shortened to the half length after disassembly. Therefore, it is easy to carry and with high efficiency and large thrust. The surface is smooth and bright. And it is equipped with special propeller bags.


The world’s top custom flight seat bag from Israel: 

The material of the seat bag:

All nylon tape with strengthened stripe cloth of super lightness, 500 kg tensile strength nylon ribbon and special aluminum alloy fastener. 

The craft of seat bag:

It is applied the automatic processing by digital-controlled sewing machines, resulting in exquisite craftsmanship. 

The structure features of seat bag:

It applies the design of straddled style, matching to the rocker arm of low hanging point, so as to rely on the thighs to change focus, which is convenient to control the flight course. 

The no-plate design of seat bag:

It has the perfection design with perfect quality and reliable performance from Israel. The unique no-plate design makes the pilots more comfortable and convenient while standing and taking off.

The accessories of seat bag: optional accessory umbrella bag, accessory umbrella hanging belt, Sundries bags, and acceleration pulley, all of which should pay additionally. 

Open your suitcase!

J-75 has been ready for your global flight:

Fly to wherever whenever you like without delay, just like a pair of shadowing wings.

Another commendable highlight of J-75 design is that its overall volume is only 30cmx78cmx40cm after dismantling (including engine, frame, protecting mesh, seat bag, mailbox, and propeller). It means that after dismantling, the J-75 machine can be easily put into a large pull rod box. At the design stage, J-75 fully considers the flight enthusiasts’ demand to conquer and constantly challenge the new airspace’s global flight experience. Only a few steps of dismantling can it be quickly packed into the standard travel box, so that you can board with it in the plane cabin for the next journey.


The Standard Parameter List of JSTOL-75cc Engine

The  Standard Parameter List of JSTOL-75cc Engine
J-75   Engine: Technical data
Features:  hand start, small in size
Engine type 2   strokes
Type of cooling Fan  cooling
Rate of work 14HP
Maximum speed of revolution 9500  RPM 
Cylinder Single  cylinder
Cylinder material High  silicon aluminum alloy and metal ceramic coating
Gas displacement 74.7cc
Cylinder diameter 46.5mm
Stroke 44mm
Compression ratio 11:01
Carburetor Diaphragm  type
Type of ignition plug US  Champion N6YC
Generator NO
Starting mode Manual
Ignition system TCI
Clutch type Centrifugal  rocker arm, 3 pieces
Speed reducer Bevel  wheel delivery
Reduction ratio 1/3.431/3.79
Temperature Maximum  260
Venting configuration Resonance  exhaust expansion room
Muffler  Glass  fiber
Weight 9.8kg
Full throttle time 180s 


The shipment standard configuration list of JSTOL-75 Parameter Suite

The  shipment standard configuration list of JSTOL-75 Parameter Suite
Name Weight Notes
Engine 9.8kg  
Magnesium alloy shell, speed reducer by  centrifugal bevel wheel, resonant exhaust, energy storage starter. 
Seat bag 1.5kg Straddled  ultralight seat bag imported from Israel, with optional accessory umbrella  bag and sundries bag.
Propeller 0.63kg Ultra-thin  effective propeller of full carbon fiber, protective coat of double layer  elastic cloth. 
Manual accelerator control 0.21kg Bidirectional  control. The speed can be fixed. Soft sheath for 8 diameter stainless steel  based on valuable experience.
Protecting mesh 0.14kg Weave  manually 270°to tighten the  outer protective ring.
Fuel tank 0.52kg Three  liters of fuel tank, positive pressure pump, pure copper particle filter,  transparent tubing, fuel tank hanging glue. 
Frame 5.5kg CNC  aluminum alloy anodized mainframe, seamless cold-drawn stainless steel rod  and the outer ring of high strength.
Whole weight 18.3kg
Volume after disassembly 30cmx78cmx40cm
Whole weight after shipment package 23.5kg
Packing volume 35x85x45cm


Immediate payment can enjoy the globally lowest prices!


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